Sunday, 29 November 2015

Playing With My Canon

So the weekend kind of disappeared in a mostly inside kind of way which is a bit sad really. We did tootle up to Kingston to check out mobile phones - the kids and I have a selection of either prehistoric versions or those with cracked faces or those spectacularly embellished with electrical tape to hold them together. Mine is the prehistoric one. We've all been talking and thinking about updating for a while and after much looking, umming and ahhhing and Googling for info on the was updated. Would have been two but there was only one of the eventual winner in stock. Of course. That's ok. Me and my dinosaur will manage for a bit longer. And Miss Electrical Tape 2015 will manage with hers for a bit longer too! 

We had stopped en route at Sandfly Market. What a charming little country market it was...definitely on the list for a revisit sometime. Alas, when we arrived the three of us realised that none of us has stopped to pick up cash on the way so we had to pool our meagre coin supply to buy two slices of vegan cheesecake (which was, after all, our reason for calling in there in the first place). 

We scurried outside with one slice of chocolate/peanut butter and one of raspberry vanilla. Settled on the grass under the widespread boughs of a beautiful conifer, we sampled our purchases. Yum! Both were delicious but the raspberry one out-ranked the other when we held an informal vote. No more cash to spend so off to the big shops (and the atm). What a shame as there were stalls aplenty burgeoning with all manner of goodies hand-made and recycled. Still, I am on a down-sizing mission so it was kind of good to not be able to buy anything else!

Big shops major purchase of the day for me was a digital camera. Not madly expensive but small and compact and holding promise of better photos. I didn't count on having to scour 117 pages of instruction manual to learn how to use it. Damn. It's got 7 little buttons. I will have to read those instructions eventually or I won't get my money's worth out of those buttons! But I wasn't up for all that reading today so I took it for a walk and a play on the beach just before sundown this evening. Well actually it may have been after sundown but there was enough light for me to see where I was going so that was enough. 

So here are my first efforts at playing with my little Canon. And most importantly, I had fun! No technical language. I don't know what I'm doing but here they are anyway.


Pristine - no rubbish today!

Lightning strike



The beach within

Where are the sculptors?

Pacific Gull

Playing with perspective

Beach Rouge


Kerry x

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