Tuesday, 17 November 2015

30DWC - I think

Day 27: What you wore today

Clothes and a bit of moisturiser :) 

Day 28: The word/phrase you are constantly using

This one is a bit meatier (seriously, who would write about what they wore today? Perhaps Hugo Weaving's wonderful character in The Dressmaker would have fun with that one, but not me!) and one that I can answer to with some certainty having undertaken assessment one day on Facebook. Yes, good old Facebook and its wonderful statistics. Who would question them?? 

According to Facebook, the phrase I most use is "I think". I was somewhat surprised when I was faced with that truth. But there it is. And I can understand it completely, because I know that I do indeed spend way too much time 'in my head' so I am thinking almost ALL the time. 

"I think, therefore I am." stated Rene Descartes, or in Latin, "Cogito ergo sum." or French, "Je pense, donc je suis." If you'd like to learn more about this philosopher and his ideas click here. I looked, just for fun and may go back to it when I've finished here! It's good to know that other people spend a lot of time in their heads thinking thoughts I therefore don't need to think and can just Google and Youtube to discover. Life is good. 

So yes, I think. A lot. I spend too much time in my head. The down side of it is that I probably overthink and over-analyse a lot of things that would be best not thought about or analysed and that can leave me feeling a bit anxious about things I've no need to feel anxious about. Anyone out there reading me here? I think (oh, there I go again!) it's pretty common. But perhaps not. Let me know. 

Over-thinking stuff can lead to a situation called paralysis by analysis. It can mean not even getting started on something that would be absolute ripper to do just because thinking about it from every possible angle and point of view will usually uncover so many possible obstacles, setbacks, problems and unhappy results that one can't find the courage to begin. Crazy? Debilitating? Limiting? All those things.

Of course, as I'm not a Spring Chicken any more (wink) I've had a fair bit of time to work on this thinking and over-thinking situation and let's face it, if I really went into the nitty-gritty about everything that can go wrong as the result of writing a blog, and especially of taking on a 30 Day Writing Challenge without reading through all the titles and committing to do it on said blog...I would never have started. So here I am, having dived right into it and peering now at the fast approaching finish line. Head above water still at this point and trusting I can make it through to the end and will then be blessed with inspiration to write about subjects and ideas that have not yet crossed my mind and are most certainly not on a list of mine or anyone else's. Sounds good to me. 

Apparently tomorrow I must tell you about my 21st birthday which is a very long time ago and I may have to change some names to protect the innocent! And on Day 30 about something I'm excited for. Can't wait!

Thanks for dropping by.


Kerry x

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