Tuesday, 3 November 2015

30DWC - Your life in 7 years

Day 14: Your life in 7 years

Looks like it's time to dream a little. Of course I can't KNOW what my life will look like in 7 years but I can dream. Sometimes I think my dreams are too small...but then I really like them so they must be right for me.

In 7 years I will have celebrated my 64th birthday. By some wonderful miracle I will be in one of two situations. I will own a campervan - a reasonably comfortable one but not ostentatious - and be enjoying the freedom of following my nose around the country OR I will somehow own a wee cottage by the sea.

If I'm travelling then I'll have work that travels with me. I will not be tied to working every day or in any particular place. I will not need a lot of money; just enough to mean I don't need to worry should I or the vehicle require mechanical maintenance! My days will be filled with meeting interesting people and seeing beautiful places...or just new places. I hope my mind will be filled with things to write about.

My cottage will have a room for me to write in. It will be filled with books and unique or unusual items that have caught my eye or have found their way to me as gifts. My writing room will have a large wooden table so I can spread myself out and surround myself with things that inspire me to dream. There will be a kitchen that is well equipped with good quality basic tools that allow and entice me to prepare tasty, healthy meals for myself and my guests. I will have enough visitors to keep life interesting and enjoyable and enough time alone to regenerate and think without interruptions. And to write. There will be a wood fire and somehow my wood stack will be replenished with ease. Well, perhaps my wood fire will be so economical that it needs very little fuel. That would be ideal. On the other hand, I may choose to live at a slightly warmer latitude so a fire is not necessary.

In my dream I will of course see my grown children quite often and enjoy hearing stories about their lives and about their dreams too. My kids will be 32 and 29 by then so I guess many things will have changed. They will both be well and following a path in life that brings them both joy and the challenges they need to grow. We can all enjoy opportunities to grow for our whole lives if we are open to use them. I will be continuing to learn and grow each day too. Sixty-four is still young!

The health challenges I've had in recent times will be nought but a distant memory and I will have my lifestyle organised to support my health and well-being in the best possible ways. I will know myself even better than I do now and so will be able to make the best choices for myself. 

I will read and hear good news about our planet - about collective humanity taking a shared sigh and letting go of warring and destruction of each other and the Earth. My life will be simple and gentle. I will not have many things more than I have now...perhaps I will have less. That would be my preference. To have less. I would know that my family are well provided for as money will come to my hands with ease and without concern. 

There will be time to spend outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, birds and watching visitors to the garden - like the little echidna who pottered about outside collecting ants today. Time, time, time. It will be my most precious resource and I shall know better then how to spend it well. 

My needs will be few and so will be easily met. A simple life for me. Keep it simple. That will be my mantra. For in keeping it simple there is time for a walk or some yoga or a quiet, restorative meditation. A meal with friends. Story telling and laughter. 

I could dream big and imagine myself doing 'big' things in life, but somehow even the thought of that is exhausting. I think I would rather be doing small things well. Perhaps small things are able to touch hearts and people in ways we least expect. That is how I would rather work. Quietly and at a pace not so hectic that my values are lost in the rush. 

My life will be my own. That is not to say it won't be shared. I hope it will, with many. But I will not be charging towards my final hours, however distant they may be, with the sense that someone else is in charge. That society has me so entwined in its web so I can't move at a pace that pleases me. No. The next few years will be spent doing my utmost to ensure that I am free to enjoy each day to the max!

This is writing when tired. Time to rest my weary head so no more editing...

Wonder how close I am to the truth? 

What will you be doing in 7 years?


Kerry x

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