Thursday, 5 November 2015

30DWC - Bullet your entire day

Day 16: Bullet your entire day

This is the condensed version - otherwise how hellish boring would it be for you to examine the minutiae of my life!

  • Woke late because I stayed up late last night listening to Byron Katie on Youtube.
  • Washed dishes and left to air dry.
  • Talked with Mark and listened a lot.
  • Made a 'fridge' salad - massive bowl to keep us going all day.
  • Checked the mail.
  • Highlight of the day - visited a lovely friend I've not seen for a while and cuddled her wee five day old baby son - and enjoyed her super-delicious home-made lemon bliss balls. 
  • Home again, home again jiggety-jig.
  • Rang a friend and chatted a while.
  • Bought a ticket online for tonight's lotto (wish me good luck!)
  • Looked up the title for today's writing challenge.
  • Wrote this. 

I have taken a reduced load at work this term to rest and recuperate from life a bit. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have the time and energy to go visiting and to phone and chat. It is such a beautiful gift to have given myself. The other option was to keep driving myself until I dropped in my tracks (not so much physically but mentally and emotionally)...and in the end I considered that not to be an option. I'm grateful for the support I've had from friends, family and work colleagues to be able to take a little time for self-care. Note to self: as fascinating as Byron Katie and her work might be, earlier nights fit better into the self-care picture. Thank you.

Hope you've had a good day too!

Tomorrow a quote I try to live by...

See you then!

Cheers for now...

Kerry x

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