Friday, 27 November 2015


Life is such a wild and woolly place sometimes that it leaves me feeling all adrift or at least, not quite grounded. Both of the kids are here with me since Jo arrived on Wednesday. It's been so great to listen to the two of them chatting and laughing together. I worked today and they went off to do some bits 'n' pieces at the other end of the valley. When I got home after work - finished a bit early today - there was talk about doing something fun. We discussed the possibility of heading townwards for a movie or perhaps a meal out. A bit of frantic Googling later, and following the realisation that Jo hadn't brought her specs with her so movies weren't a great option, we decided that going to Southport and buying some hot chips to eat on the beach might be just what we needed. 

I noticed that I'd become quite anxious while searching for something 'fun' to do. Well, anxiety does sneak up on me now and then. The good thing is that it will usually leave after a relatively short time, not like the days at uni when it hung about for months on end without relief. All the same, I wonder what that was about. It's not my responsibility to keep my kids happy. Perhaps it's wanting to create lovely memories for us in the times we manage to get together.

Of course, we got to Southport at 5 and they shut the fryers off at 4.30 (who knew?) so chips were off the menu, and the tavern wouldn't start serving until 6. Instead, we headed down to Burying Ground Point for a walk and a clamber on the rocks. What ensued was the most glorious hour and a half of joyful exploration and wonder at what we discovered...something new with every step. 

I felt my anxiety leave me after a while. I lay down on the rocks next to a pool where we had found a black sea slug creature and just let the bliss of the place wash over me. All this is a mere 20 minutes from home and it's almost 2 years since I visited this place. I can't explain how wonderful it was to be there. Having the kids with me just made it so much greater. I feel grounded again and absolutely content. I won't leave it such a long time before I visit again. It seems some time spent outside in a wild and beautiful place connects me to my soul again. And so does having my little family together for an adventure like this. 

So glad we didn't go to the movies or out for dinner. I bought some oven bake chips from the local supermarket on the way home and the kids have just cooked up a vegan pasta storm in the kitchen. We won't starve, that's for sure. 

Welcome to the weekend. 'Ave a good one!

 Kerry x

ps Last visit I wrote about all the rubbish I collected. I'm so pleased to report that there was much less today, although we did collect about half a shopping bag full. It consisted of cans and bottles and tobacco related packets. Interesting. The place gets quite a lot of visitors I'm sure, so well done to all the folks that are taking rubbish away with them! Thank you!
Being a mother is like having your heart walk around outside your body. My heart by two.

Just the spot - a perfect fit!

Nature's steps - reminiscent of an ancient Inca temple.

Listening to the dragon. The ocean was swelling and sucking deep below and the sound from where I was standing sounded like an aircraft. From down where the kids were it was easy to imagine a massive Sea Dragon snoring away in the depths.

Starfish and Limpet

Bull kelp exposed at low tide.


Sea Hare (a little Google exploration helped us to identify the 'sea slug')

Quiet moments of reflection

Reminder of the sailing life when the kids (then 4 and 6) spent many hours poring over wonders on various seashores. 

The kids labelled this 'comic' seaweed. 

Fascination. Who needs tv or video games?!

Sharing the wonder.

A mother's joy - offspring just hanging out together. 


  1. What a lovely time you had Kerry the simple things are the best really. And a place so close to home how wonderful.. I must go track down where these rocks are! I love that you had good memories & the kids still get on & do alot of chatting, as a mother it must give you a lot of comfort to know they have each other. the photos really show how close they are. I do love those photos especially the ones with the kids & you are looking well!

    Lovely blog thank you.

    1. Thank you Ana for your lovely comments. It was one of those perfect afternoons that live in our memories for a long time to come. I feel so lucky to live in a place where that kind of memory is so easy to create.

      Kerry x

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, perhaps you can take me there one day.

    1. Hi Frances and Brian!

      Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. Of course it would be lovely to take you there when you come to Tasmania for a visit. I'm thinking picnic!

      Kerry x