Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nearly Didn't Get There...

How often do you mean to go somewhere or do something or make plans and other things get in the way or you end up too tired to make the effort? I had a bit of that going on here in my life last night. I visited my folks on the way home from work and had a natter and a cuppa with them and by the time I got home and had dinner and sat down (I think that might be where the problem occurred), the thought of going out again was suddenly most unattractive.

There was a jam session going down at our local sailing club and it sounded like it might be a fun night and I know quite a few people who get along there. But Friday nights are like...phew! End of the week. Time to relax. And mostly I don't get out of the door to do that. I stay home. Which is cool. I enjoy my time doing what I do at home. But you know, it's good for the soul to get out now and then.Anyway, I had decided that I couldn't muster the energy. 

Checked my phone about quarter to nine and there was a text message from a friend. Where are you? Oh. The message had been sent an hour prior. Would they be winding up by now? Was it still worth going? Would I look silly walking in so late? Could I be bothered?? What could I wear? It's been raining - I might slip over. You will probably know the kind of stuff that was running about in my head and trying to make it as difficult as possible to go and as easy as possible to stay right where I was. I fought it. I quickly changed. You look fat. Said the voice. I am fat. I retorted. So what. Let's go. I added red beads. They always make me feel better. They are happy beads that I paid a buck for in an op shop in town I did my first year teaching. I was broke as broke can be...but I had a buck and I liked those beads. They are kind of proof that things can always get better.

Dressed in basic black with red beads, I embarked on the five minute drive. I know, how slack can you get? Five minutes away and I nearly didn't get there. I nearly didn't make the effort. I nearly didn't bother. I nearly let myself talk me out of it. The drive was swift and uneventful. I noticed as I approached the venue that people seemed to be about so that was a good sign. They weren't packing up just yet. I know, you might think it's a little mad of me to think they might have been packing up just after nine, but this is a pretty small town!

Car parked, I grabbed my torch. I had five dollars in one zippered pocket and the car keys in another. I was ready. And in I went.

Ah, I tell ya, it was sooo worth it. Friend who sent the text message spotted me and her face lit up and arms spread wide to welcome me. Isn't it worth getting out of your own way to get a great hug from a mate? YES! Because from there the night just got better. I thought I might only be out for half an hour or so...but the night rolled on and I had more fun than you can poke a stick at.

The music was amateur but fabulous. Fun, joyful, plentiful and loud. So talking had to be done in snatches between sets. Chats aside, the vibe was great and who could stay still with those familiar beats playing. We danced and laughed and sang along. Lots of tunes from my teen years and haha, maybe some moves from back then too. They might not look too flash, but it feels so great to move to music. I just had a ball. 

One of the students from our school played the drums like an absolute champion and the look of glee and concentration on his face said it all. These little community events are gold for kids and adults alike. They bring us together in a way that meeting up at school or the shops just can't match.

Catching up with some local buddies was great, but adding to the enjoyment was the opportunity to meet and chat with some new folks too. Some local and some visitors from further afield. It was truly a wonderful night. 

Finally, at around midnight (I know! So late!!) I wandered back to the car, my torch light eclipsed by the luminescent flash swished across the bay by a shy moon peeping just then from behind the clouds. Imagine. I might have missed it all. I nearly didn't get there, but I'm so glad that I did. Big thanks to lovely friends that let me know it's important to them that I'm there. 

Feeling good tonight. At home. Good enough.

Cheers n Love

Kerry x

ps I ran the whole night on water and went home with that five bucks still in my pocket! I love getting older. Miracles become a regular part of life.

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