Monday, 25 April 2016

A tiny step forward

So today dissolved into a muddle of time on Facebook, going to school to feed the goldfish and complete a few tasks before 'back to school' day tomorrow, doing a bit of washing and so on. The end of the day approached...well the end of the daylight hours...and suddenly I just had to get myself down to the beach. Once there I wished I'd gone earlier but it's funny how insignifica can usurp the day and leave one scrambling for the meaningful at the latter end. 

I've not been beach walking or bush walking lately much to my mental and emotional detriment but I just haven't felt 'up' to it. Sore leg n all. Not wanting to overdo it. And me being me I'm likely to do just that. So I determined that I would embark on a short walk. Yes short. Very short indeed. And that is what I did. Such a simple thing and a tiny step towards reclaiming my normality. It must be there if I can only be patient and gentle in moving towards where I think it might be.

I wandered not far and not fast. More a humble hobble interspersed with clicking to grab some of those beautiful moments to share here with you. Ah, so much beauty is there for the taking. How do I deprive myself of this when it is all but on my doorstep. This temporary hiccup (at least so I hope) affecting my ambulatory prowess will imbue me with due appreciation and respect for the simple act of going for a walk. No more will I slacken and miss the opportunity to get outside and love the matter the weather. Hold me to it, friends, for such promises are quick forgotten when all is going well. Do you find that too? Never take your health and well being for granted. It is precious beyond measure.

Enough of waxing lyrical and more of sharing what sights I beheld for the tiny price of getting off my butt and heading outdoors...acknowledging of course, that I do live in a truly spectacular place. 

That autumn sun and gentle sea - no wind - patterns of light and movement. Peaceful breath of the ocean.

Sandy starfish?

Tiny sea-pot or perhaps a door to the underworld?

Bizarre accidental selfie.

Favourite shot...tiny treasure.

Ripple effect.

Waiting for a lift home.

Bushfire not too worrying while there is no wind...brushstroke clouds.

The waiting game left me pondering the angles formed by all those wires and the reflective qualities of the insulators...joyful moments for me.

Well, all of that in only half an hour and probably a walk of 150 metres. Can't say how much better I feel for making that small effort. 

Cheers for now!

Kerry x


  1. Kerry, the Ernest Hemingway of southern Tasmania.

    1. Haha Carolyn

      I so enjoy playing with words and phrasing I might not normally make use of. Thanks for reading me!

      The Old Girl and the Sea ;)

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