Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sharing Something Really Important

I've never done this before, but reading this article this morning, I found that the author has put my heart on paper. So I am sharing it here. 

In the Absence of a Village, Mothers Struggle Most

Every day the struggle is there. For a long time I have been saying that our society with it's insular family house, two parents, x children, a dog and a cat...where they have only each other most of the time; it is unworkable. The stresses from trying to manage alone are overwhelming. It's a fairly lengthy article, but well worth a read.

Sharing with very much love to all the people out there who might not even realise it is a village they need. This is to let you know that you are not a failure but have been doing life in an impossible situation.

Be gentle with yourself. 

Find a village or make one. 

Everyone needs you.

And you need them.

Kerry x

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