Saturday, 24 October 2015

30DWC - Ten interesting facts about yourself

Day 4: Ten interesting facts about yourself

I can see why this is called a challenge! It's not just about getting something written every day, but about getting my mind to go to new places. I haven't really thought about myself as particularly interesting...there goes that comparison all those people 'out there' that have done such incredibly amazing things that I can't possibly have anything about me to interest anyone. Off with the cloak of humility! Today is the day I tell you all about what is so fascinating about me (tongue firmly in cheek!). I suppose if I can drag up ten things to tell you that you don't already know about me, that might be interesting. I'm sure I can do that. Here goes!

1. Someone once gave me a banjo and I tried to teach myself to play using an Earl Scruggs book to guide me. I really loved it but gave it up before I really had a handle on it. Last night I met a new friend who has recently started to learn to play and it has made me think very seriously about buying a banjo again and getting some lessons. I cried when I let the other one go so...but I am not certain that now is the right time. 

2. I loved Nana Mouskouri's singing when I was quite young. That was pretty square of me while my friends were into Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, but I found her voice entrancing. I have never owned any of her music but loved to watch her show on our old black and white tv. Maybe I should buy some one day and sing along with her in the car when I'm driving. I also loved her poise and elegance. Even though she wore glasses she also wore elegant gowns and had a striking presence. She didn't hide behind her specs. I always hated having to wear glasses, so I found it impressive that here was a woman on tv being beautiful and glamorous and elegant AND wearing glasses. Cool.

3. I recently discovered Lychee Sorbet. It's the best thing in the world next to love. As my daughter once said about home made Mango has no bad side. Well maybe the Lychee one does as it's commercially made but this time I don't want to think about that. I just want to enjoy it now and then as a marvellous sensual pleasure. 

4. I love getting rid of stuff (only not my banjo - that was sad). I love the feeling of loading boxes or bags of stuff into my car to take it to a charity shop. Each time I do it I think that I'll be more careful about what I buy next time. It's usually clothes that I've bought on impulse - always cheap and on the sales rack. It's surprising what a great burden stuff can be. It takes up a lot of time and weighs heavily when it is not serving its purpose in my life. Once I become aware of that feeling it's time to let things go. 

5. I'm better at letting go of things than I am of emotional stuff. I've been working on that for a long time. I'm finding it much easier as I get older to just let go and not take things personally. I reckon it was a scrape-the-barrel-level of self-esteem when I was younger that made it so hard to ignore what other people said, did or even what I thought they were thinking!

6. I dream more when I go to bed early. I don't go to bed early very often.

7. I once did a Home Builder's course at TAFE. There was the intention to build a house but it was never built. Life happens.

8. I have started 3 courses that I didn't complete - one on herbs, one on environmental studies and one on childcare. I saw myself and others I'm sure saw me as a quitter. Reading Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher has allowed me to see myself differently. I like to start new things. I get a rush from the new books and the first scanning of all that wonderful new information. Then I get tired of it. It becomes too much effort and something else takes my attention and away I go. I'm not a failure. It's how I roll. There is plenty of stuff I have finished - I just have to want to do it enough. Sometimes I find out that I didn't want to do it enough to finish it. That's okay.

9. I sleep on the left hand side of the bed. I don't know why. I just do.

10. There are lots of things that I'm sure you'd find much more interesting that these ones...but I'm not about to share my deepest, darkest secrets. Not here, not today. Maybe one day.

11. I know, there's not meant to be an 11. Because I am as I am, I worry about publishing this list because I'm sure it's not interesting at all and perhaps I should just save it and think about it and maybe change a couple of things to make it better but guess what?! I'm not going to do that because I want to be free of mulling it over and worrying about it so I'm going to press publish and let it go. That's how grown up and cool I am now. I'm just gonna do it and move on. 

12. I might start thinking about tomorrow's post - a place I would love to live but have never visited. 

It's Saturday and I'm off to enjoy it now.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Kerry x

ps 30 days is a lot.


  1. Not at all Kerry. I havent known you long however from what i see i find you very interesting how could a person who is busy always doing projects & getting into things be boring!
    Nana Mouskouri! What a voice, she sung the most wonderful songs & her voice was cool clear water. She was on the ABC around the begining of the year speaking about Greek politics. She was asked to sing & still had that same pure voice! how could anyone listen to Pink Floyd & Deep Purple when you had Nana! If your tastes qualify you as boring then so am I!

    Certainly not a boring piece of writing at all...I enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks Ana!

      I really don't care if people do find me boring! I am never bored! Almost everything is interesting and there is so much to learn just from being alive. Now I know it's okay to go from one thing to another, the world is my oyster and I am free to follow my interests sans guilt!!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Kerry x

  2. Did you shut your eyes.when you hit 'publish'? You didn't need to worry, you are funny & interesting & real- oh & I was into Demis Roussos! Shutting my eyes now & hitting send �� x

    1. Hi Kim!

      Ha, ha, no, I don't think I closed my eyes, but perhaps I ought to have! Thank you for your kind words. Demis Roussos - seems I am in good company :) It's a bit like true confessions!

      Thanks for being brave enough to join in!

      Kerry x