Monday, 26 October 2015

30DWC - Someone who fascinates me

Day 6: Someone who fascinates you and why

This one is a tough one for me because I find everyone fascinating. Every single living person has a story to tell and most of them have many stories to tell. To try and choose one person from all the people I know or know of is really a challenge. They didn't call this a challenge for nothing!

Going back to the topic and getting into it, around it and reading what it actually is just someone who fascinates me. It needn't be the person who most fascinates me nor one that fascinates me more than the next person. As I've said I find everyone fascinating it doesn't really matter who I choose to write about. Perhaps I ought just to throw names into a hat and pull one out...or open a book and take a wild stab with my eyes closed. Instead I will choose someone you might know too. At least that way you might be willing to agree or disagree on my take. So, who is someone you might all know...or at least have heard of?

It needs to be someone I've paid some special attention to, in order to know enough about them to explain why I find them fascinating. I am drawing blank after blank here trying to think of someone to write about. There is one person but writing about them is fraught with danger. I will no doubt be accused of narcissism or unwarranted self-interest, even unabashed self promotion. But realistically, the person I've spent most time with in my life, and who is a constant source or surprise is indeed my self. Perhaps I could write about why I am fascinated by me. What do you think? Are you fascinated by yourself? And if you're not, why not I would ask. 

Your self, or my self is a constant companion and one that if we are willing will be always learning, growing, changing, thinking, adapting, hoping, dreaming, trying new things, getting results, evaluating, changing approaches, looking to the past for direction, looking to the future with fear or excitement, anticipation. There is so much going on in one's own being, it can't help but be utterly fascinating, don't you agree? If you aren't feeling fascinated by being your self, perhaps it's time to start paying more attention to what that actually means. Being your self. How awesome is that. I'll admit to having read an interesting post by Elizabeth Gilbert only today that talks about this very idea from a different angle - more about being kind to one's self and forgiving in attitude towards the same. I'm looking more at just how damned interesting it is to just be alive and a thinking, feeling being. What a gift that is.

So here it is. I find myself fascinating because once I thought I just That was that. But as I've grown older I've realised that I can reinvent myself every single day - every single minute if I choose to. If I have the desire to change and the energy to do it, it can be done. Others might not even see the change, but I will know it is done. I might change my perspective by putting my self in another's shoes. I might change my mind simply because I have thought about something for one minute longer and have suddenly seen it in a new way. I will not remain rigid in my thinking because perhaps I'll be embarrassed or humiliated by changing. Don't people love to do that..."I thought you said you believed...". People are quick to pick you up if you change ideas. Mostly I think it's because they are afraid to be flexible and malleable. They see some strength in being immovable and unflinching regardless of information that might show their position to be flawed. Ah, humans, we are all so...fascinating!

In finding myself fascinating I find you fascinating too, because I'm sure we're all part of one big mix-up. We're connected by our humanness. We can meet each other with a glance and know each others' knowing. We can know at least some of each others' strengths and weaknesses. We know we are fragile yet powerful and mighty all at once. To be human is to travel in this world in a uniquely wonderful condition. How many of us and how often do we really appreciate how wonderfully amazing and fascinating it really is that we are even alive?

Please stop whatever else you might be doing (well, you're reading now but before you go back to whatever else it is that you plan to go on doing) and think about just how fascinating you are. You are an incredible sum of attributes and experiences that are uniquely you and uniquely yours. Please take the time to be fascinated by your self. Not self-centred. Not self-interested. Not self-ish. Just fascinated by your you-ness. Because if you're noticing that, it's going to make the rest of your life just so much more interesting. 

Forgive me for not writing about David Bowie or Princess Diana or Chopper Read. You can Google to find out more about them and be fascinated by their lives, character and experiences. Just always remember that they are simply human beings. Just remember to be fascinated by the possibilities of your own existence. 

Kerry x

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