Monday, 15 July 2013

Time with Mum

I'm excited! See the lovely parcel of goodies I have from Kaszazz! I wanted to do something different with Mum for Mothers' Day back in May.  I didn't have a lot of money to spend and Mum and Dad recently downsized to a unit so they don't have a lot of space for 'stuff', so I decided to take her to a card-making workshop. It meant travelling together to the venue, a nice afternoon together learning something new, and Mum would have the cards we both made. Perfect.

We had a lovely time and discovered that although all the ladies made the same cards, they were all a little bit different and somehow showed a little of the maker's personality. It was fun meeting new people and as always when a bunch of women get together, there were lots of laughs. An unexpected bonus on the day was that we each received a voucher for $50! It was a spend $50 and get $50 worth of products FREE!!

The catalogue was huge and neither of us had the money to spend on card-making just then, but we had a bit of time to save and put an order in. We squirreled away $100 between us over the next couple of months and finally made time to wade through the catalogue and choose some things that we both liked. It was hard because there were so many beautiful options but we did it and got our order in just in time.

So, here is the parcel. It has stamps and card and ink and I'm itching to open it and have a proper look but I'm not going to. I've decided that it will be a bit of a new hobby for Mum and I to share together, so I'll wait until we find a time to get together and we can have a parcel opening ceremony!

Cards are a good way to go because they don't take up much room and the materials will easily fit in a small box. I'm sure there are people out there who will laugh at that and who have a room full of card-making stuff, but I'm planning on keeping this small. Not just that, but you make them to give away, so it's the ideal hobby really. Most of us appreciate the time that goes into a home-made gift, and in a world where we all seem to have so much, a card is a perfect gift all on it's own, especially if it has been made with you in mind.

Have you ever received a hand-made gift? Do you have a hobby or something you'd like to try? Let me know about it in the comments. Have a great day!


  1. What a wonderful thing to save your parcel for you and your Mum to do together. You know me, I'm a maker of all sorts of handmade goodies. And yet, I don't often receive handmade gifts. I think it's because people may feel uncomfortable and that I may judge their work or something or that they think their gift wouldn't be good enough if they made it themselves. Oh but how wrong they are. A handmade gift means so much more. I understand that not everyone is able to make handmade but give it a go, no matter how small, and watch the receivers face light up when they say "you made this for me?". it's beautiful, the giving and the receiving.

    1. I'm saving it because I KNOW it will be more fun opening it together!! It's true we can feel a home-made gift is too humble and that a bought one is more perfect and more presentable. Seems we've been sold a lie. That is not to say that a gift cannot be chosen with love; I know I've spent long hours choosing what I hope is 'just the right thing' for someone. The important lesson really is, I suppose, to be able to give well and to receive well. I'm learning. :)