Friday, 25 March 2016

Awesome everyday things number 1.

Soooo this might seem kind of odd, but here it is, 

Good Friday morning and I'm laying in bed and just allowing my mind to wander a bit. I reflected on some conversations from last evening at the local Full Moon Pizza Night and how much I enjoyed myself catching up with old friends and new. 

Next thing I know I am looking intently at the weave in my sheets. I know, bit crazy. And I thought wow! How beautiful are these things around  me?! I have sheets that cost me $8 each from the op shop, pillow cases that were 50c each, and a bed cover I paid  $10 for at a school fete. 

But what I was noticing was how fine the weave was on those items. The threads are so thin and fine. The weave is so tight. They are so smooth and comfortable. But how do they do that? How do they make these things? Any weaving I've done myself over the years has been clunky and pretty unattractive...think cardboard looms and wool scraps. But this is sublime. So amazing. So very, very beautiful to look at and to feel. Yes, I know, if you weren't fully convinced that I am a nut-case before, perhaps that is clearer now!! Or perhaps I'm not mad at all but awake!

That is the beauty of having a little time on your hands - you notice things you might miss rushing through every day of your life up 'til that moment. How often have you, like me, taken for granted the fabrics that surround you on a daily basis? Stop, take a look and see how truly extraordinary they really are. Usually I'm busy looking at the treasures I find in nature, but this morning I found man-made treasures wrapped around me in my bed. I am so grateful for the ability to see them this way. 

Of course, pondering about my sheets led me to quiz Mr YouTube to find out more about how these wondrous fabrics came into being. Take a look at this and be gobsmacked! 

Here's wishing you a truly blessed day. 

Tell me about something cool you noticed today in the comments. 

Be awake!

Happy Easter.

With Love

Kerry x

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