Monday, 14 March 2016

The Joy of Going Out for a Walk

How good it is just to get in the car, drive a while, get out and go walking. I'm not talking big walks or hard walks but just being outside in nature, whatever the weather is doing. The feelings I experience aren't easy to put into words, but I am struck with wonder at the immense beauty in this place, many places. It is right to go and feel that. It is right to go and look and see.

A friend and I  talked about the idea that taking photos can detract from an experience, and I guess in many situations that might be true, but for me... For me, walking with my digital camera is like having joy in my hands. I can take as many photos as I like. As many as I want to. I remember the days when the recording of an event was limited to 12 shots...or 24...and chances were they would be pretty disappointing shots by the time they came back a week or two later after being 'developed'.

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed to have this wonderful tool to play with when I'm out walking. I notice the details and love the surprise of finding something quirky or something that stands out to me. Click and I have it to review later. Really, it is just such fun!

So, today I walked with a friend back over the track I walked on Tuesday to Lake Osborne. On Tuesday it was bright and sunny and warm and clear...a perfect day. Today it was overcast and drizzly and misty with a quite cool breeze coming through now and then...a perfect day.

I love the change affected by a differently perfect day. The light, the colours, the feel of the air on my face and in my lungs. Even in the same week.

Here are some snaps for those that don't have the energy or the time or the beautiful places so close by. I hope these bring some joy to you too, or that they will inspire you to go for a walk and notice the little things along the way. I hope that you're lucky enough to have a digital camera...or a camera phone... If not you can take wonderful 'eye' pictures to dream on when you get home. 

With Love


Tiny fungus, so bright it took my attention.

A rock on the path, a work of art. Truly magical.

Not snow but glorious lichen. 
Magnificent Snow Gums...the rain made them 'pop'.

Rocky outcrops shrouded in misty mystery.

Lake Osborne reflecting the mood of the day.

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