Saturday, 16 January 2016

Light and Shadow

Yesterday evening I went walking on our beach. What a privilege it is to have this wondrous resource so close at hand; a place to wander, to marvel at and that leaves one to ponder about life in all its various hues and shades. The play of the evening light, even as it is fading, is fascinating to me. I feel my heart pump as I pull out my camera to capture a feast of light and shadow created by small clear 'jellyfish'. That's what I've always known them as but today someone suggested that they might be eggs laid by sea cucumbers. I had a look online for some images of sea cucumber eggs and found I am back with the jellyfish idea for now! 

 As for sea cucumbers, we saw many of them in our travels 'up north' in Queensland during sailing days. Mostly long, fat, black caterpillars of the sea creeping lazily in the ponds left at low tide on rocky, muddy shores. They come in many shapes and colours, the most remarkable I've ever seen resembling bright round rubber balls. They were red and black, yellow and black or blue and black and came up in the nets of a scallop trawler on which we were lucky enough to do a 'tucker trip' back in the mid-eighties. Yes, well inside last century - where does the time go?! The world is full of often unseen wonders. I am constantly delighted and surprised by what turns up! 

A 'tucker trip', by the way, was the term given for an agreement whereby we yachties could be volunteer crew on a trawler in exchange for our 'tucker' or food. It was such a fantastic opportunity to see a working fishing boat and one we jumped at. I was the only female on board and the loo was a bucket on the aft deck which had to be emptied over side! I just had to 'get over' myself and get on with it. I did my best to time my visits for when no one else was on deck. I doubt these kinds of opportunities exist now, given the nature of litigation and insurance. It probably wouldn't be possible.

Anyway, whatever they are, jellyfish or other, they are fascinating little works of nature and the light plays on them in a spectacular way. I found a few other treasures along the way. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

The pondering about life? It was inspired by the light play on those wee jelly blobs. Whatever is going on in life, there are always moments of light and wonder to be found if you're looking for them. Never discount them. They are tiny glimpses of bigger and better things to come. Without the shadows, we might not be able to appreciate the light. Without the light, we would never see the shadows. Both are necessary for us to enjoy a life rich with lessons on how to live better or longer or wiser. Nothing stays the same forever. Change is inevitable. It may be dreaded or welcomed or sneered at. However you receive it, it will come. Life is ever-changing as is the light; as are the shadows on the shore.

With love,

Kerry x

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