Monday, 10 March 2014

Duckhole Lake

I've  walked into the Duckhole twice lately, the second time early this morning, and really enjoyed the experience both times. The first time was just after a really vicious wind storm had gone through the area a few weeks back, and it had been wet too. I took quite a few snaps on that trip and those are the ones I'll share with you here today. The forest seemed somehow more alive on that first walk, with mosses and lichens looking rich and vibrant. Today things were looking a little faded.. 

I have a lovely pair of walking boots and I'm trying to wear them in. They don't give me blisters, but the first several times I wore them, the soles of my feet seemed to be burning up. Today they were much better. I did something slightly different this time...didn't lace up the last set of I'm wondering if that meant more movement of my foot in the boot...or more air? Better circulation? I don't know. Perhaps I'm just finally starting to get used to them. I'll keep experimenting and see what happens. 

The weather has been dry for a few weeks and I could really see the changes in the bush along the track. Apart from the ground and foliage being drier, the creek was less frivolous than last time; this time it was just tinkering along. A special treat today was the appearance of first one, then two lyre birds. Alas, my camera was still in my pack at that time and I didn't want to miss watching them while I dug it no pictures...but they were just delightful to watch. They danced in their funny tip-toe gait along the boardwalk ahead of us, darting now and then into the bush at the side of the track then back again to continue along in front. They appeared to be a couple, but there was no display of that beautiful lyre-shaped tail for us - just two largish brown birds trotting ahead. On the way back from the lake I kept my eyes peeled but they were nowhere to be seen despite several generous and fresh 'calling cards' left on the boardwalk. Photographic opportunity missed. It's a funny thing of mine; I like to do the first half of a 'return' walk without my camera in hand so that I can just enjoy the sights...then on the way back I have my camera out and ready to collect the lovely images I've seen along the way.

Going early in the day this time, we found the lake very still and quiet, although after sitting quietly for a little while we enjoyed a real show by the resident currawongs as they swooped and screeched and squawked above the lake, their black wings and tails edged in white lace. It was a noisy and raucous show, but they were quite elegant in an Aussie bush kind of way. I thought we might see snakes today but if they were there they kept out of sight. 

We are so blessed to have so many lovely walks close to home. My friend and I promised each other that we'd get out and walk a bit more often. It's too easy to be busy with work and family commitments and forget to be outside enjoying the beauty of it all. We forget when we're busy in our own little bubbles that all of nature is out there and getting on with living and dying and decaying to give nourishment to more living things. It never rests; it never stops. It's truly wonderful to know it's there but even better to get out and spend some time being enveloped by it all. 

Welcome to the Duckhole Lake walk!

Pretty little home for bush babies...slaters and centipedes perhaps?

Mossy Giant

Thanks to the lovely people who made the boardwalk. It makes for easy walking!

Chicken wire for non-slip safety.
Wearing in those walking boots...greater walks ahead!

Soft and fluffy lichens...fairy gardens.

Fairy Bells

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My favourites...handsome shelf fungi.

Beautiful, serene, Duckhole Lake...mountain backdrop shrouded in mist.

So many magical micro-habitats...aka  fairy gardens...transported back to childhood wonders.

Mystical. Magical. Tiny bush treasures.

Pink and pretty fungi

Mushrooms, toadstools everywhere...beautiful.

Isn't that something!

Gorgeous concentric arcs...fungi  I must invest in a field book so I can identify them!


  1. thanks for the gorgeous pictures Kerry. Been a while since I've been able to walk to Duckhole Lake. Look forward to being able to go in the future.

  2. You're so welcome Karin. I'm off to Mt Field in a couple of'll be my first visit up there so really looking forward to it. You can look forward to more happy snaps from there. I'm always surprised at how much detail my little pocket digital camera captures once I've uploaded them and can see them in a larger scale. Hope you can manage the Duckhole walk soon xox