Saturday, 8 March 2014

A good step and a wedding in the family

Some years ago, during a time of considerable stress for our little family, my daughter began to show some rather strange symptoms...enough to send us to the doctor for a diagnosis. We feared some dreadful muscular disease had befallen her, or some kind of degenerative nervous disorder. She was twitching and moving her face in peculiar ways and for us as parents it was most distressing to see. The doctor couldn't see anything immediately obvious for a was baffling. We had her eyes checked and they were fine. Fortunately we were open to alternative medicine and so before we headed into a barrage of possible medical tests, and due to some serendipity whereupon we had heard about hair analysis, we decided to snip a bit of her hair and send it off to see what we could find out. That might seem a little strange to some of you, but I've always had an interest in natural therapies and so it was not a hard step for me to take. 

The results came back and it seemed that she was intolerant to a number of foods that we ate regularly. None of them were processed foods; they were particular fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on. We immediately cut the renegade foodstuffs out of her diet and miracle of miracles, her symptoms disappeared within a few if by magic! It was amazing to me at the time...but also such a relief to see her return to her 'old' self! Some of the foods that had caused the problems for her were her greatest she ate them very often. I wonder if that is what caused the problem. Anyway, that is history...but I will quickly mention that she can recreate some of those symptoms even now if she overindulges in some for thought. 

On the strength of that success, I have decided to send a snip of my own hair away for analysis. The same naturopath is still running his practice and I have faith that he can help me. I have had a range of annoying symptoms that I just can't seem to shift...and having played around with diet and nutrition so much over the years and read so much conflicting information I am just feeling confused and overwhelmed by it all. I hope to have the results back in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how I go with it. I truly am so sick of feeling unwell and living at less than my best. I'm hoping this will be a good step...and one that will sort out the confusion and worry over what to eat and what not to. 

There are so many various therapies and programs around to support us in creating good health for ourselves. Have any of you had spectacular success with anything in particular? I'm sure other readers would be interested to hear if you would like to share your story. I would love to know what's working for you. 

The wedding

Today my thoughts are in many places. My niece is getting married in New South Wales and my  kids are both there to share the day and film the event for posterity. Whilst I couldn't be there, I'm thinking of all the people gathered together to celebrate this auspicious occasion, especially the bride's mum who is organising the catering for over 250 people!. Frances, you're a Superwoman!

True to form I have yet to post the wedding card, although I bought it weeks ago. My life is organised chaos...the important things always get done in the end, but not always in the order I think they will, or at the time I plan for them to be done. 

To Lauren and Andy, my very best wishes...I hope you have a beautiful day to remember always.. I reckon Uncle Bill will be keeping an eye on proceedings, and wishing he could have provided the home brew to keep all those revellers happy. 

With you all in spirit.

Love, Kerry

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