Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Where has the day gone??

I began the day with such good intentions. I had written a list last night with all the things I needed to achieve because the next few days are going to be BUSY! At this point the list has been missing for about ten hours and I'm not sure that I've done any of the things that were on it. I've taken two lots of analgesics because I've got a nagging sinus headache which is not going anywhere it seems. I've defrosted, heated and eaten a huge bowl of laksa soup with rice noodles for lunch. I've had coffee or tea and biscuits with two visitors. I've had a shower and washed my hair. I've written some rough notes for a writing project based on my experiences as a mature-age online 'dater'. That will take a while because I'll need to change a lot of details to protect the innocent! I'm hoping to be able to share what I've learned through the experiences I've had! 

I've looked for the list. A few times. 

I read some of my blog posts to my Dad who was one of my visitors. I cried when I read the Miss Universe one to him. He said he nearly cried too. I'm impressed that I was so moved by my own story. I hope that's not too weird. I also realised that I use sentences that are too long. Any of you that have tried to read any of my blogs out must have good lungs!! I will try to practice more frequent punctuation!

I don't know what's happened to the list. 

I do remember I need to pack a bag for travelling on Friday and one for babysitting on Saturday. I do need to prep some materials for working tomorrow. I seriously hope I am less head-achy in the morning. I like to bring freshness and fun and energy to my teaching whenever possible. It's a tough call when there's a headache in residence. I'm going to try to write in shorter sentences. I like to read aloud and I've been encouraging you all to do the same. I'll read this one out to myself before I post so that I know it's workable! Of course when I'm writing I'm just following my thinking and it rolls like a train going downhill...gathering momentum! So my apologies to those of you who might have been struggling with it. I'll try to stay calm and more staccato in my commentaries!

My first visitor for the day was my good friend Boots. We've known each other since April; we met through an online dating site. He bought me the beautiful walking boots I told you about. Tonight he emailed me this picture taken on a recent trek to the Alum Cliffs from Kingston Beach near Hobart. He thought it might be useful for my blog. So here it is. We both enjoy walking and travel so I hope to write of day trips over the summer. Perhaps some camping too. We'll see. My hair is actually quite long at present but I had become warm and had used the scarf from around my neck to tie my hair back out of the way. 

I'm not sure if I like the purple, the green, the red or the sepia me best, but I guess that like the picture I have many different colours. I'm sure we all do. The walk to the Alum Cliffs is a lovely one; about an hour each way. As I feel fitter I'd like to tackle some longer walks. Two on my list are Cockle Creek to South Cape and  Adamson's Peak. No time frame on those. I know I want to enjoy them so I need to be fitter. That will mean walking every day for a while and getting some hills in too. I've been so slack lately. It's strange how motivation comes and goes. It's all in my head, I know. Anyway, now that I've got those lovely boots and a friend to walk with, I really have no excuses do I?

The day has been chilly and I've kept the fire stoked. It's cosy in the lounge but the issue there is that I am reluctant to go to other parts of the house to get jobs done. Clever me! At the start of winter I moved my computer from my office (cold room at the front of the house - great in summer!) into the lounge. Alas, it means that I am often writing when I probably ought to be doing other things. Never mind...soon summer will return and the computer will be escorted back to the office and perhaps I'll spend more time outside again.

I can't imagine what happened to the list.

Let's hope the next few days go smoothly. Let's hope there wasn't anything too vital on the list. Fingers crossed. I find that happens sometimes. I write a long list of things I should get done and then the day goes by and nothing terrible happens. It's ok. I do eventually get everything done that needs to be done and quite often things that were on those list were just me thinking too much! 

Life is simple really. Don't over think it. Keep your lists short. Give yourself a break. Everything will be ok. 

Oh, just by the way, I read somewhere once a cute little story about a man who gets up at the end of the evening and says "Good night. I'm off to bed," and he goes to bed. His wife says, "I'm right behind you." She gets up, notices the cups on the coffee table and takes them to the kitchen and rinses them. She remembers that her son has sport practice tomorrow after school and checks his bag for his uniform.'s smelly so she pops in for a quick wash and will toss it in the drier. While she's waiting she waters a few plants and wipes the splash back behind the kitchen sink. She notices a spill from making the coffee earlier and runs the mop over that part of the floor. Gosh the rest looks mucky now, so she runs the mop over the whole kitchen and dining space. The washer is spinning. She pops into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wipes the toilet, the sink and the mirror down and removes a great wad of hair from the shower drain. She puts a new toilet roll on the empty holder. She brushes her teeth, throws the sports uniform into the drier and heads towards the bedroom. She sees that no-one has shut the computer down yet so thinks she'll just check her emails so she's ahead of things for the morning....and on it goes.

Have you heard that story? Or one similar? Does it ring true for you too? This is how it will work with my list. I will fill my hot water bottle and put it in my bed to warm, or I may even get into bed...and then I'll remember. Oh, no!! I can't go to bed yet because I have to....whatever it is that cannot wait until morning. It's almost sure to happen tonight. Perhaps I should head off to bed early just in case. 

May the list be with you. 

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  1. oh yes, them pesky lists....where ever they are!
    And yep, always something to do on the way to bed or on the way to anywhere really.