Monday, 9 September 2013

100 things - I found them!

Yesterday I found that little sheet of green paper I told you about...the one that at first confounded me when I tried to write down things that I like. 100 seemed impossible at the time. Well here is what it holds today. I haven't added anything for a while and if I started the list again it might look quite different. I wonder if we share any 'likes'. Enjoy. 

Starting at the top left hand corner:

  1. white gold jewellery, hippie beads, vests - layers, scarves, twin sets, silky pyjamas, lacy underwear, boots that clack! comfy shoes, feminine clothes
  2. Zibibbo -  yum! smoked salmon, cherries, mushrooms, omelette, tea, good water, asparagus, curry, rice, fresh salads
  3. pink, orange, red, purple, blue, staying in nice hotels, swishy skirts, scoop 'v' or boat necklines
  4. k.d. lang, Missy Higgins, Neil Young, Jim Croce, Hinder, Pink, the Fray, Sacred Space
  5. sarongs, Indian silk cushions, candles, soft lights, throws, carpets, tiles
  6. velvet, silk, knitted cotton, denim, cotton, soft wool, bonfire nights, rocks and boulders
  7. the ocean, sea breezes, trickling streams, verandahs, moonlight walks, moonlight on the water, silhouettes, my kids
  8. magazines, books, films, astrology, music, friends, dinner parties

That's one side done. Other side:

  1. my computer, my car, sporty cars with hot wheel trims (smiley face), red cars, silver cars, washing clothes, bath by candlelight
  2. Brothers and Sisters, Friends, Neighbours (now a Home and Away's my mother's fault!), Judge John Deed, Medium, House, NCIS (not any more...I've gone right off cop shows), Vicar of Dibley, red toenails
  3. buying presents, when someone phones me, phone chats, writing cards and letters, receiving cards and letters, just being held, hugs, holding hands, kisses, more hugs
  4. Sliding Doors, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Stuck On You, Legally Blonde, my banjo, A Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Dreamers
  5. Travelling, foot rubs, massage (giving and receiving), learning, yoga, loving, meditation, tulips, roses, peony roses, walking, jogging
  6. knitting, crochet, quilting, mending things, gardening (but not too much!), pot gardens, painting, collage, picking flowers, making daisy chains
  7. whippets, ratties, butterflies, frogs, violets, gerberas, succulents, hanging baskets
  8. beaches; windswept/wild/rugged, cottages on a cliff, boats bobbing at anchor, walking, swimming in a freshwater pool, moonrise over the ocean

You'll notice there are eight groups on each side. That's because I folded the paper and began to think in terms of groups of things to get me started. As I've squeezed words into the little spaces that are left, the groupings have lost their way a bit. There are some random things in there but that's ok.

If you haven't made your own list yet...or at least started, I hope this will give you courage! I must admit to laughing at some of these things. I've never owned a twin set but I've always loved the look of them on glamourous women. Readers who know me will chuckle at that because glamourous is something I'm never likely to be! I notice that walking found it's way on there twice. That's ok too. It's my list. It can have anything I like on it - that's the whole point!

The comment I've added after NCIS is very true for me. I used to watch all sorts of crime and detective shows but after a break from them for a while I find them horribly disturbing to watch now. It's true that you can become desensitised to violence at least to some extent. I have found the opposite to be true as well...if you take yourself away from those images for a while, you may find as I did that you react very strongly to them when you see them again. I no longer want to watch any of those shows. I would prefer to watch something humorous or uplifting, or to read a good book. 

I think it's important to be discerning about what you allow into your head via your eyes, your ears and your thinking. Find beautiful things to watch, to read, to look at, to think about. I'm sure it is a good and simple way to feel better. 

Sadly I no longer have a banjo to like but I still enjoy knee-slapping, toe-tapping bluegrass banjo! Maybe I'll get another one someday. I have not added reading to the list but that is something I love. I am never, ever bored!

With love, Kerry

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