Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Being Outside - Day Trip to Middleton

I spent the morning inside today. In fact, rather a lot of my time is spent inside despite the fact that I know it is so important to be outside. Some days my outside time is as long as it takes to hang the washing. And that's not a lot when it's only washing for one person. So I ventured out this afternoon as I understand that being outside is going to play a big part in my recovery from...from a myriad of things that have led me to this place. This afternoon I went adventuring, not really knowing where I was heading but just out. Drove along the coast road until something caught my eye.

Well to be honest, the whole drive is a bit of a feast for the eyes with splendid panoramas of the magnificent Huon Valley, the river and further on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. It was cosy in the car but I could see the wind had whipped the water up into pushily playful, perhaps even insistent waves that were slapping the shore in more exposed areas. It touches my heart somehow, being near the water, and gives me a deep sense of peace. It's so worth the effort. And the fuel to get there. It was a pretty quiet drive. Very little traffic. I feel relief to know this is still possible. To drive on a Tuesday afternoon and not be pushed along faster than I want to go when I'm feeding my soul as I travel.

But the thing that caught my eye and made me stop was a signpost reading 'History Walk' and then another a little further along the road. Ah, I thought, it must go a little way along the coast. So I turned the car and spent an hour or so doing the coastal part of the History Walk and then just hanging out with the birds. One of my greatest joys is to watch the seabirds through my camera lens. One day I'll learn to use the camera and get some better shots but today was fun. Yes fun. Awesome.

Being outside in places where I can see far is such a healing experience. I don't know why but I love that feeling of expansiveness. Of vastness. Like being at sea and scanning far horizons. It feels so good inside. Thought I'd share a few of the photos I took today. I hope you'll enjoy them. I am determined to keep writing so I'll just have to head out on more adventures so I have more to write about!

Traffic was light today.

Fresh air, new sights, new smells (although that pungent, salty, sea-weedy aroma is so familiar), new paths to walk, all are soothing to my soul. There is satisfaction in having added an adventure to the day, however simple and however close to home it might be. 

I hope you remember to get outside as part of taking care of yourself. It is easy to be distracted by inside work, especially if you're not a gardener. I'm making it my mission to get outside and walking about much more often from now on. Look forward to sharing more of what I see and about how it's making a difference. 

Here's to new pathways, new adventures, peaceful minds and healthy bodies.



Ned Kelly gate on a local property. Welcome? I'm not so sure!

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