Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How do you think about yourself? Happy New Year Gorgeous!

Gotta love Facebook for all the wonders that appear right at our fingertips at just the right time. (Yeah, I needed this right now!!) 

You are beautiful...
How long is it since someone told you that you're beautiful?
You are beautiful...
How long since you thought that might be possible?

You are beautiful. Go check it out. It's true. 

Happy New Year Gorgeous One. 
You are beautiful...
Go be amazing...like she says! 

Thanks to Upworthy for this and many other great 'make you think' videos!

How you see yourself is probably not how others see you. 

If you haven't seen this Upworthy video, it's worth a look too. 

You are beautiful...are you smiling yet?

If someone tells you you're pretty, gorgeous, sexy, lovely, attractive, magnetic, powerful, capable, fantastic, fabulous, funny, exciting, or any number of other complimentary things...perhaps you have nice eyes or lovely forearms...it's time to start believing and to tell those good things to yourself too. 

Love yourself unconditionally. 

You are beautiful.

 The more you believe that and the more you tell yourself, the more it will become your truth. 

From one beautiful person to another...Yeah!

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