Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Busy Life and the Madness of it All

How I've been missing writing for my blog! Perhaps it's too much television? Sometimes I think it's such a waste to sit there in front of that wretched box, but sometimes it's all I seem to have the energy for. So here I am, grabbing onto this wisp of inspiration, or perhaps procrastination, as I'm at work on a Saturday and need a wee break from THAT kind of thinking. There is no television here to afford me escape, so there is suddenly time to write.

It must be a bit confusing to have someone writing and posting regularly then they all but disappear. To be honest there has been a lot going on and I've been suffering a strange form of overwhelm, which in my particular case can be translated to probably not making the best use of the time I have.

Last July I started a journey to heal an annoying and somewhat persistent case of eczema, even starting a new blog - My Best and Healthiest Me - thinking it would be fairly straightforward and that I could record my successes along the way. Later in the year, faced with uncertainty about employment for this year and still not getting anywhere with getting 'better', I came across IIN i.e. the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A course was offered to study to become a certified Health Coach. Health and Coaching have long been areas of interest for me, so thinking it would be good to have something happening in case work didn't come through and that perhaps I'd find some answers to my eczema problem, I decided to sign up.

Guess what?! The work came through - full time - so I found myself with that AND a study load to manage for twelve months. Well, the study will finish in October so nearly twelve months. It's been a marvellous experience so far and I'm learning more than I could have imagined and although progress has been slow and there have been many false starts, I think I might have found the answer to healing myself. I'm not going to share about that now as it's still a work in progress and I want to be sure before I start shouting about it too much!

As well as that lot, I have my son back home for a while and although I love him to bits, it is an adjustment for me who had grown quite used to my own company and my own space. All in all, life this year (are we really only halfway?) has been a bit frenzied and overwhelming and perhaps it's okay to dive into TV Land now and then to escape from it all. Perhaps I could just make it a little less often or for a little less time from now until October to make sure I'm keeping up with both work and study commitments.

It's important to stay connected to friends and family, even when work and study threaten to take over one's life. I'm so grateful for my parents who are always so welcoming and pleased to see me even if I'm only calling in for five minutes to give them a hug. I'm so grateful for my friends who remind me that I am important to them and so loved. I'm grateful for the time with my son; he has so much to say about the world as he sees it and it keeps me alert to so much that is going on that I might otherwise miss altogether. Currently I have the joy of having both of my kids home for a few days with my daughter joining us from interstate. The house is chaotic and a bit crazy but it's filled with love and bad jokes so it's all worth it.

I wrote a blog post in my head whilst travelling to Coffs Harbour for a week's holiday recently but was too exhausted at the time to actually write it. It alluded to the joys of experiencing a perforated eardrum mid-flight and enduring a nine hour coach ride in lieu of a further flight (having been frog-marched off said further flight before take-off after the Flight Manager conferred with two medics about my condition).

Add to that a debit card that failed to allow me access to pay for the coach ride, a tearful call to mum who came to the rescue with her card details (thanks Mum xo), a  hair clasp that had looked like the last chance to redeem my frazzled and bedraggled self from disaster prior to snapping in half (this caused hysterical laughter to emanate from my tear-stained face in the bathroom of the Sydney coach station - not good), fried rice in a somewhat grubby Sydney eatery and charging my phone whilst sitting close by on rather suspiciously stained carpet (would anyone spill a drink that close to the wall?...I hope so) and convincing myself that it was all a wonderful adventure.

I saw a number of homeless folk setting themselves up in the shelter of abandoned shop doorways which provided little protection from the night. Volunteers were distributing plastic-wrapped blankets. Down the road a short way aboard the coach, we passed five thousand people, mostly women, jewel and fashion be-decked cramming and straining for a view of the prancing bare-chested heroes of Magic Mike XXL - yes it was Opening Night! What contrasts the city affords and how shocking and fascinating it all was for this country town girl.

Sitting in that comfortable air-conditioned coach wasn't all that different from watching tv at home I suppose. It was all going on in front of me but I wasn't part of any of it in that moment; just an interested observer. Yet still, it engaged my emotions and made me wonder about the madness of it all. For now, I'll have to keep wondering. Time to get myself together and head home again. The kids are out for this afternoon and maybe I'll get the kitchen tidied and the floor vacuumed before they reappear! Hope to join you for a Cuppa again soon!

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